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internetOrganic SEO

What is “Organic SEO”? It is simply the content on your page and how it is displayed to the search engines. Your content must be relevant to your website and updated often.
The search engines will look at several parts of your site including your title, any tags on the site, images (if they are tagged properly), and other HTML tags. If these are “off” or broken, your site will likely rank lower than other sites with better content.
We use several types of software to help identify keywords, coding anomalies, titles, content, back-links, broken links, image tags, and more. We are able to correct those issues and get your site indexed by the search engines again.

mapsPay Per Click and Adwords

Of course, many companies wish to have guaranteed first page rankings, and many times they pay for services such as Google Adwords. We can help you set up your Adwords campaign and explain the ins-and-outs.