Search Engine Optimization Services

Building a website is only the first step in promoting your product or service, getting customers to find you is the next step. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how webmasters optimize a page for search engines. The website, the pages, content, and images each require specific data included in meta tags that explain what it is. For example, a simple image requires two tags, an Alt and a Title tag. These tags “tell” Google and Yahoo what the image is.

Clearly marking these images with precise keywords will help bolster the overall listing results of your web page.

The search engines will look at several parts of your site including your title, h1 through h6 tags, image tags (alt and title), and other HTML tags. If these are not clearly defined or missing, your site will likely rank lower than other sites with better content. We use several types of software to help identify keywords, coding anomalies, titles, content, back-links, broken links, image tags, and more. We are able to correct those issues and get your site indexed by the search engines again.

Pay Per Click and Google Ads

Google and Bing offer paid services to post advertisements for targeted keywords. This type of advertisement will give you one of several top sopts for that specific search term. For example, the company targets “web design Cleveland Ohio” and when a users searches for that exact search term, the ad will appear at the top of the page. Now, if a user searches for “web designer Cleveland Ohio”, that will not rank at the top of the page. Web Works will help you to determine the very best keywords for advertisements to maximize your profits.

Analytic and Webmaster Tools

There are many tools available to help research keywords, keyword phrases, and to find your website ranking. To fully understand how and why your website ranks (and doesn’t rank for that matter) you need information, lots of information. Numbers are king in the SEO world, and the more numbers and data we have, the better off you are. There are several ways to acquire keywords; you can try to think of the search terms your customers are looking for, you can analyze competitors websites, and you can use keyword analyzer tools. Web Works prefers to use a combination of all three for best results.

Once new keywords and meta data are in place, we need to figure out if it is working or not. There are many different websites that offer analyzer tools long with SERPs and Webmaster Tools. These tools will help determine exactly where each keyword is ranking, if it is ranking at all. There are a couple of ways to find rankings though, by keyword and by URL. Web Works suggests a combination of both to help pinpoint a specific keyword, but also to gain an overall ranking for your website.