According to a Pew Research Survey in January 2017, around 7 out of 10 people use social media to connect with one another. Facebook holds the largest share of US adults using social media at 68%, with Twitter (21%), Pinterest (26%), Instagram (28%), and LinkedIn (25%) following.

Advertising on Facebook

facebook-advertisementThere are essentially two types of posts on social media: posts, and ads (advertisements). A post is a traditional post that will appear to your friends, and an ad is a paid advertisement. Each social media outlet performs similar to a point, but each has it’s own way of distributing content. Facebook for example, allows you to identify a location, a radius in that location, and a very generic target audience. Once an ad is placed, data is provided for review, and newer, better ads are created from this feedback and data. Facebook is extremely useful when trying to reach a large audience for a specific sale, something we are promoting now.

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