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There are many different options when it comes to shopping carts. There are carts built for you, templates, standalone software, as well as others. The main difference is in how much control over the end product you actually have. Many times the “easy” carts do not provide much in terms of functionality. The more “difficult” carts offer greater customization, and better control over your inventory.

We utilize all combinations of software to ensure the best fit for you.


WooCommerce is one of the most widely used and trusted e-commerce solutions for WordPress. It is a full-featured shopping cart plugin that allows you to quickly and easily promote and sell your products. It is designed to sell single SKU products and variable products such as t-shirts. Another benefit of using WooCommerce, it offers many shipping options, and is ready to accept payments via many popular payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal.

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Products and Inventory

Properly displaying a product is essential for any online marketplace. The products need good photography, competitive pricing, effective sales promotions, and good stock. But you also need to categorize those products to maximize sales; you do not want your customers to endlessly search your website to find what they need. WooCommerce allows the capability to organize into multiple categories and sub-categories for just about any product. For example, you may sell t-shirts in men’s, women’s, and baby, but then want to categorize down further into sizes, or even by seasonal promotions. At Web Works, we take inventory seriously, and we have years of retail experience and inventory management experience you need to help successfully market and sell you products online.

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Shipping Options

Shipping options, and more specifically the cost of shipping an item can make or break a sale; the customer may want what you have, but may not always want to pay a lot for shipping. This is why several shipping options are nice to offer, and a lot of times free shipping or flat rate shipping is best. Flat rate shipping is simply where you advertise one shipping price for all orders, for example $5 on all orders in the US. You may also want to have the customer pay the actual rates offered by your carrier of choice. This is accomplished by imputing the actual size and weight of each item (or rounded up slightly to help cover handling fees) and the plugin will automatically calculate the shipping for you.

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