Jason Robertson

I’m Jason and I own Web Works. I handle the day to day business operations, web design, and programming. I have an Associate Degree in web design and a Bachelor Degree in software engineering. I spent the early part of my career in customer service, and I strive to bring the same level of customer service and support that you would expect from a large corporation. My number one goal is to provide outstanding work at an affordable price. I value each and every one of my customers and encourage you to reach out to me whatever you’re in need of.

Gary Taylor

Gary has been in sales and marketing for over 30 years. Gary has created several successful businesses including Window Film and More, Proview Films, Diamond 59 Products, and more! Gary brings a high level of expertise when it comes to marketing and branding. He has successfully launched several product lines and maintains several successful local Cleveland businesses, along with a highly active Amazon and eBay store!

Amelia Butvin

Amelia is a Creative living in Cleveland, Ohio. Her areas of creation include photography, drawing, painting, design, marketing, copy writing, branding, digital art, jewelry making, creative writing, & typography. For her, as with all creatives, to live is to create and to create is to live. She sees the world differently, and has developed her technical skills in order to make her vision more visible to others. These technical skills combined with her creative nature also enable her to envision and implement successful marketing and branding strategies.

Amelia has over 15 years of experience working professionally in both print and interactive design. Currently she works as our digital artist & in house designer. Her responsibilities include the creation of marketing materials, product photography and original designs for customers.

Amelia graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Digital Art & minoring in Communication Design. After collage, she worked as the in-house graphic designer for Dodd Camera, where she contributed to the re-branding of the company and worked on various print & web marketing projects. She also worked as a design and marketing consultant with several other Cleveland area businesses.