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New Website Project for V’Sonno Salon and Boutique

V'Sonno Salon & Boutique

We recently completed a new website for V’Sonno Salon and Boutique, located in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. The main goal was to refresh the old website, leave the site on WordPress (so they can maintain it), and add a shopping cart.

We started by getting some sample websites together that we liked, and began a new design. We were able to import most of the content from the pages including products, services, and pricing. We then broke the site down into more manageable sections, and incorporated SEO elements. We wanted to make sure that the pages were named the same, for search engine indexing. Several additional SEO key elements were included though, including proper meta tags, image tags, page titles, and content formatting.

The next step was to set up product categories, add products, and set up shipping. We used WooCommerce as the shopping cart platform, and simply used PayPal as the payment gateway. We set up a simple flat rate for shipping, and then began setting up coupons for sales. After just a few tests, the site was up and running and taking orders!

If you have a website that needs a refresh, or would like to set up a shopping cart, please contact Jason at 440.503.3393 for a free phone consultation!