SEO For Different Browsers?

Cross Browser SEO

In 2017 Google is by far the most popular search engine with Chrome being the most popular web browser. While Chrome has been the number one browser for several years, the remaining list changes from time to time. Recently, Firefox was number 2, with Safari further down the list. This is significant information for several reasons; one, each browser will return result slightly different results, and two, we need to make sure we are spending our SEO time wisely. This is not to say that we do not pay attention to little-known browsers like Opera and Silk, we need to pay more attention to the browsers our customers are actually using. Now, 5 or even 3 years ago, Safari was averaging number 5 on the popularity list, with most of those users being on an iPhone or iPad. Had we not been optimizing at those times, our websites would not be ranking well today. So it is my opinion to have a well rounded SEO focus, with the most time spent on Chrome and Firefox, with Safari and the others getting slightly less time.


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