Website Security

Your website is a valuable asset to your business; customers use your website to verify your services, check references, and for general information. Keeping the website up to date and error free is a continuous task, and at times can be overwhelming. WordPress websites add another layer of complexity for several reasons: there is a minimum of one database involved, there are multiple files and folder structures, PHP updates, plugin and theme updates, and WordPress updates. The combination of the core WordPress files, the theme, and plugins allow for many types of complications and website errors. For this reason, the website should be maintained constantly, with regular visits to the dashboard checking for updates. Fortunately WordPress notifies you when updates are ready, however these updates do not necessarily check against each other, meaning that if a plugin is updated and another is not compatible, you could potentially experience an error.

WordPress Website Hacks and Forced Logins

With the popularity of digital currencies becoming more popular, the need for server resources has grown exponentially. Many times a hacker will gain control of your website not to steal user information, but to take control of the server for mining digital currency. A telltale sign of this type of breach is a slower, less responsive website. Upon checking many websites with this type of hack, you’ll notice the server resources completely maxed (CPU and RAM usage at 100%). This is detrimental for two very important reasons: search engine indexing and user experience. Search engines like Google and Bing use site performance as a key ranking factor. Simply stated, sites that perform faster and provide better user experience will outrank sites that perform poorly. For this reason alone. website monitoring should be a top priority.

Website Security Maintenance Packages

Web Works offers website security and maintenance packages for WordPress websites. Packages include backups of the files and database, daily monitoring, protection against brute force attacks and logins. Packages start at just $75 per month, and we can customize a plan that fits your budget.

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