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Why You Need These 5 Important Elements for a Successful Business Website

Why You Need These 5 Important Elements for a Successful Business Website

Recognizing the potential your website has is an important step to deriving business from your site. Meaningful content, great design elements and ease of access are all essentials to a successful business website.

But how do each of these play into the online world, and how can you implement each one in a meaningful and effective way? Here are 5 proven elements toward this goal.

Social Connection
Online social is a concept that most business owners fail to understand. Yes we all see opportunity in social platforms, but do we really understand how a business is supposed to connect with individuals who are more interested in connecting with their friends?

One of the best ways to overcome this is through excellent brand awareness. A good logo design is key, and distributing that logo as synonymous with your brand will make you recognizable to a loyal and eager audience.

As a business, social interaction with individuals means speaking their language and providing them with relatable content that’s easy to consume. For this reason, social content like infographics, memes, videos and images has overtaken the overrated medium of content.

Yes, content is still king. But only if you can get people to read it!

Ease of Access
Gone are the days when you would direct people to your website via post board ads and walk by traffic. Today, everyone is online. And THAT’S where you should be working to make your brand known.

What am I talking about?
Q&A Forums
Online entertainment

These are the channels we should be using to reach our audiences.

But how?

Search engine optimization isn’t an overrated concept. It’s the best and most proven way to find people who are already interested in your product or service. People aren’t going to find your site by good old faithful word of mouth. They will navigate to your site from places they are… RIGHT NOW.

Using methods that increase your searchability and visibility from Google are essential if you want to be noticed.
Q&A pages
Super interesting blogs
Captivating images
A relatable story
Problem solving

These are all ways you can use Google to draw in the audience you want; the audience that is already looking for you.

Ask yourself the questions: “Why would someone come to my site?” Then ask yourself a second question: “What will they do when they get here?” These two important questions can shape the PURPOSE of your website.

“Why would someone come to my site?” begs the question of value. Are you really adding value to your prospective visitors? Are you out to make a quick buck, or are you offering revolutionary problem solving to meet the needs of your customers?

And if you are, “What will they do when they get here?” Having a clear and direct call to action allows your visitors to feel as if they have a reason to visit, buy and remain loyal to your brand.

Mobile Compatibility
More than half of online activity is done from a smart device. Phones, tablets and other mobile devices are shaping the way we do business, and with the Covid-19 as the current status quo, this is more of a reality than ever.

Your business website must be mobile friendly, or it will be navigated away from—and Google HATES that!

In today’s virtual playground, we are leaning more and more towards a millennial mindset. Gamification and story telling are at the forefront of how we think, interact and… yes… BUY!

The gamification theory tells us that people are looking for a sense of achievement—even if it’s on a virtual level. Giving people the opportunity to gain something for nothing is a great way to reel them in to your concept, whether it’s a product or service.

A good example is the vaping industry, which awards you points for purchasing their products. These points can be redeemed for free goods, discounts. In short, loyalty programs WORK!

Storytelling theory teaches us that people will relate more to a company or concept if that entity has a story to tell. Is your company story relatable? Is it even interesting?

Implementing these two concepts into your online presence is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts
Every one of these aspects plays an important role in developing a successful business website. Each one of them leans on the other, and without one, the entire concept of your website will fall by the wayside.

In a world where online competitiveness is rising daily, be the one business that stands out through your website. Implement these elements today and work at building your online presence on a foundation that’s proven to work.

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David Anderson is a business graduate with a marketing major. He specializes in communication design and has helped many brands achieve their goals in marketing communication. Now he writes for freelance clients on topics related to brand design, visual communication, and marketing.