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WordPress Errors and PHP Errors on Your Website

WordPress along with most major website builders are written in PHP and contain a database, generally written in MySQL.This means most of the coding is done already, and the end user is able to simply add pictures, change colors, and add content. This is extremely helpful for those who do not know how to code, or are looking to add functionality quickly like a shopping cart. event calendar, or booking software.

There are several errors that you may encounter with your website. Some of the most common are simple PHP errors as seen in the above picture. These are caused for several reasons: plugins may need an update, the theme may need an update, malware, or added code from snippets from outside vendors (search engines, social media, etc). Fortunately, most of the time these issues can be resolved fairly quickly by reading the error. In the case above, theme main theme needs updating, along with several plugins.

There are several reasons that the theme and plugins need to be updated regularly, with increased functionality and security maybe being the most common. For example, many times a plugin contains features with a new release that were not available before. These plugins (authored by third-party developers) must abide by WordPress coding guidelines, and if they don’t, the plugin will most likely fail. On top of that, WordPress receives regular updates. Much like your smart phone which receives a core update, then you’ll see app updates from time to time. WordPress works almost identically, so the theme, plugins, and the core WordPress installation all must function harmoniously.

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WordPress Database Errors

The famous “Error establishing a database connection” warning from WordPress. This is caused from one of a couple issues, namely an error in the wp-config.php file. Every WordPress installation contains code files in the directory, and most of them are named “wp-something“. These files contain very specific code that make the website work properly. One of the most important files in called “wp-config.php” and it contains the code that connects the files to the database. Each database has a name, user, password, and location. the wp-config file tells WordPress where to look, and all of those variables need to match up. The database name, username, user permissions, and location can be found in (if you’re using CPanel) MyPHPAdmin.

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