WordPress Hacks and Malware

WordPress and website hacks are more common than you may think

The last thing you want to see when opening up your website is a redirect to another site. Believe it or not, this is more and more common in today’s web. Another common occurrence is malicious code that operates int he background of your site. WordPress is built in PHP and while it is extremely safe to use, it is open to vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities generally present themselves in an outdated plugin, outdated theme, or outdated core WordPress files. Hackers are able to insert code via these outdated sources to gain access to the main file structure. Once in, they can modify files, delete files, or worse, delete your entire website. There are multiple reasons a hacker would want access to your site, the simplest being bandwidth. If a hacker can secretly (and discretely) use your bandwidth, they can farm Bitcoin and other digital currency.

In my opinion, the worst type of hack is a redirect hack, where your site points to another website, nefarious or otherwise. Generally speaking, an actual website would not want a redirect from your site, so ore times than not the redirect is pointing somewhere overseas to some sort of “junk” website, possibly just for backlinks. This is extremely bad and should be rectified immediately for several reasons. In my opinion the most important reason is,