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York Township

Ran into a situation where the current site for York Township in Ohio was inadvertently lost or taken down. I was called and asked to see if I could get a new site built quickly. I was able to locate a copy of the old site at waybackmahine and I saved the images and content, […]

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Lisy’s Unlimited

Had a lot of fun working with Ron Lisy from Lisy’s Unlimited! Ron had a web designer working on his site for a couple years and was not getting anywhere. His active site was at Weebly, and he didn’t want to keep paying for two hosting packages. I was able to get a new site […]

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Hurricane Painting

  What happens when you lose your domain name and then lose your website? There are many reasons why you can lose a domain name; failing to pay the DNS bill and losing account information are two of the main reasons. Often times a hosting company is purchased by another hosting company, and if you […]

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Integrity Crane

Data entry is a daunting task and not everyone is willing to spend hours entering data. From importing dozens of CSV files, to creating hundreds and thousand of products for your store, data entry is costly and time consuming. Once the products are entered, maintaining them is the next step. Price increases, model changes, pictures […]

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Tri-City Helping Hands

I am very pleased to show off the new website for Tri-City Helping Hands! This was truly a ground up build, from buying a domain name and hosting service, to installing WordPress and supporting software, to doing some graphic design and creating a new logo, this project had it all. In the past, Tri-City handed […]

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Connections in Ohio

Redesigning a well made website is not easy, and this is the case with Connections in Ohio. The existing site looked very nice, but was fairly outdated. We needed new photography and new graphic design to make the new site stand out. We also wanted to create a new design that was full width, and […]

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Adams Reserve New York Cheddar

How do you take an existing website and make it better? That was the challenge presented to us by Great Lakes Cheese, the owner of Adams Reserve Cheddar. The old site was build in HTML and CSS and was difficult to maintain. Simple text and image changes required HTML coding, file uploads via FTP, saving […]

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WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the core of every WordPress website, and there are thousands of plugins to choose from. Plugins are developed by third party authors, and there is a plugin for just about everything you can imagine. From Contact Form plugins, to Photo Galleries, Slideshows, and Social Media plugins, chances are there is a plugin […]

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

5 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic, but why should you optimize your website? Many times your website is the first impression you give to your customer. Outdated content, old pictures, broken links, outdated code, and non-mobile friendly websites all lead to a poor user experience. Search engines and Google in particular in recent years […]

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